The ARC - Which stands for The Animal Respite Center is a privately funded business venture based on a business model with a difference.

The ARC is not like a conventional animal sanctuary or shelter. The ARC will be sustained through our business model without having to struggle to survive by either public donations or funding.

The ARC is an establishment to help sick stray animals recover so they can be returned to their managed colonies.

The ARC will support the animal welfare community by providing extremely low cost treatment and free TNRs for stray animals. The ARC is designed to lessen the financial burden on the community.

As part of the business model The ARC will consist of its own veterinary clinic and rescue boarding facility. Animals which are deemed unsuitable to be returned to their colonies will find refuge within The ARC until suitable adopters are sought, for some, it will become their forever home.

We will work closely with all agencies in order to help and assist in the overall strategy for the UAE Animal Welfare drive.

Our long-term ambition is to have an ARC in every Emirate.